For Good. Forever

Welcome to the Sunset Community Foundation

The Sunset Community Foundation works to make our communities stronger, more vibrant and more just and equitable. We support local organizations that have innovative ideas to improve our region, provide thoughtful community leadership, and attract and manage permanent endowment funds.

The Foundation is home to the Greater Grand Bend Community Fund and the South Huron Community Fund, which includes the municipality funded South Huron Vitality Fund.  These funds focused on supporting charities and projects in the communities. SCF supports the Funds by providing administrative, granting and investment services.

The Foundation is also open to the Huron Entrepreneur Fund, which supports small business in Huron County through impact investing.

The Sunset Community Foundation is a member of Community Foundations of Canada.

When you donate to the Foundation, your gift becomes part of our permanent endowment funds. The revenue from the funds is used to support charities in our region. That’s why we say, “For Good. Forever.”

Since the Foundation was founded in 2001, we have supported dozens of organizations in fields from health and education to recreation and the environment, making grants totalling nearly $2 million. Thanks to the vision of our generous donors, the endowment has grown to more than $3.2 million.

For Good. Forever.

Our Mission is to help organizations and donors make a difference in our communities, Now and Forever.

Our numbers speak for themselves

Organizations received Grants 2023
Grant Funds distributed in 2023
$ 0
Grant Funds distributed since 2001
$ 0 M
Charitable organizations in rural communities face unique challenges, including a lack of resources, limited access to technology, and a smaller pool of potential donors. Despite these challenges, these organizations play an essential role in providing vital services to rural residents. Sunset Community Foundation and its generous donors recognize these challenges and important work and strive to strengthen these organizations through Community Funds as a means of creating a sustainable source of funding for important projects

Charlene Masschelein

Board of Directors Chair

Our People

The Sunset Community Foundation is governed by a group of dedicated community leaders who provide their expertise, experience and knowledge on a volunteer basis.


Chris Thompson

Vice Chair & Executive Member

Doug Hurst

Treasurer & Executive Member & Finance Chair

Jim Jean

Executive Member & Greater Grand Bend Fund Grants Chair

Peter Janzen

Relationship Development Chair

Jim Lynn

Huron Entrepreneur Fund Advisory Advocate

Tom McCann

South Huron Advisory Advocate

Stephanie Allen

Member at Large

Laura Goulding

Member at Large

Abby Armstrong

Member at Large

Lisa Reaume

Executive Director


Sunset Community Foundation is made up of various Community Funds and each fund has an active Advisory Committee.  The Advocates act as a vibrant channel between the Board and each of our funded geographic communities. The Chairs lead the Community Advisory Committees that oversee the Relationship Development and Granting in each of these funded communities. 

Advisory Committees contribute by:

  • Providing feedback on how the Foundation is perceived in the community
  • Providing insights on how to raise the profile of the Foundation and engage effectively with potential donors
  • Helping spread the Foundation’s key messages
  • Opening doors for the Foundation where appropriate


For More Information check out the Community Advisory Committee Terms of Reference.

Greater Grand Bend Advisory Committee

Greater Grand Bend Leader

Grand Bend Advisory Chair

Sunset Community Foundation Board is excited to announce the creation of the new Great Grand Bend Advisory Committee, in early 2024.

We are looking to bring together a committee of community leaders to focus on revitalizing our engagement in the Greater Grand Bend Area.

Please contact us at hello@sunsetcommunityfoundation.ca if you would like to nominate a candidate for this committee. 

South Huron Advisory Committee

Tom Prout

South Huron Advisory Chair

Council entered into an agreement in 2020 with the Sunset Community Foundation (Foundation) to create the Vitality Fund as part of the South Huron Community Fund. The purpose of the Community Fund is to offer financial assistance to non-profit, community-based organizations that provide direct programs, services, or activities to enhance the quality of life for South Huron residents. Additionally, this committee oversees numerous South Huron Family Funds.

The South Huron Community Fund provides a more efficient and effective method of distributing financial grant support to community groups. The South Huron Advisory Committee is made up of community volunteers to evaluate grant applications and make recommendations to the Foundation Board for final decisions. With this arrangement, the South Huron Council has empowered the community to decide the grant funding priorities. 

The South Huron Municipal Council has allocated $50,000 per year (2020-2022) to the Fund, with a percentage of the fund to be available in grant applications each year. 


Huron Entrepreneur Advisory Committee

John Marshall

Huron Entrepreneur Advisory Chair

The fund was developed by a group of business leaders in Huron County to support charitable activities in Huron County and foster new businesses and grow existing businesses

Funds are held permanently, with grants made to charities from the investment income. The Fund’s capital will be invested in Community Futures Huron, which provides small business loans to enterprises in Huron. Community Futures, in turn, will provide a return to the Fund.

Both the capital and the income from the Fund will be used to benefit the people of Huron County, through business loans and grants to charities. This is a great way for donors to support economic development while reaching out to people in challenging situations.

Honarary Councillors

The Sunset Community Foundation Honorary Council honours and engages past board members and other community leaders.

Our Honorary Councillors are:

  • Jennifer Mossop
  • David Bannister
  • Bob Illman
  • Irene Hall
  • Brian Hall
  • Penny Nelligan
  • Janette Baillie
  • Tim Sweet
  • Jim Southcott