Application Deadlines and Forms (to download):

South Huron Vitality Fund: April 1

Greater Grand Bend Community Fund: September 30

We’re here to help you help!

The Sunset Community exists to support local charities and community organizations with great ideas for improving our community. We are committed to trust-based granting as a way to ensure an equitable and inclusive distribution of funds. Trust-based granting recognizes that we work in partnership with our grant applicants, grantees, and other stakeholders to deliver maximum impact in our communities. 

We offer grants in the following areas of interest:

  • Social Service & Low Income Impact
  • Children and Youth
  • Family & Community
  • Health & Physical Activity
  • Education
  • Preserving the Environment
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Arts & Culture

Grant are available to qualified donees (as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency).  Not sure if your organization is eligible? Ask us! We provide leadership in the community by helping organizations shape and fund innovative projects that enrich all our lives.

Grant Guidelines

Our Grants Program focuses on building community capacity in our region. We look for creative projects that build on existing strengths and competencies and address community needs. Organizations seeking funding must demonstrate fiscal responsibility, good management, and commitment to our region.

Multi- year funding is possible and such grants are subject to periodic review.

  • Grants are not made to establish or add to endowment funds
  • Grants are not made to establish or add to operating reserves
  • Grants are not made for projects whose primary purpose is to promote religious or political activities.


Tips for Completing the Application

  • Begin by discussing your project with Lisa Reaume, Executive Director of SunsetCF, call 519-280-0944 or email or book at zoom

  • If your organization is not a qualified donee, ensure that you are partnering with an organization that is. You will need to enclose a Partner Agreement with your application to be eligible.   

  • In describing your organization, consider the following questions:
    • What is your mission and vision?
    • Who do you serve?
    • What staff do you have and what are their qualifications?
    • Who is on your Board of Directors?

Include your most recent audited financial statements and Annual Report, if available.

  • In describing your project, consider the following questions:
    • What is the outcome you are expecting?
    • How will it benefit the region?
    • What need does the project meet?
    • How is your project innovative?
    • What public support is there for your project?
    • How many people will be affected by your project?
    • Are you working with other organizations that address similar issues?
    • How will your project be evaluated?
  • In developing your project budget, consider the following questions:
    • What expenses are specific to this project?
    • By what date are the funds needed?
    • What other funding sources do you have or are you pursuing?
    • How will you ensure the project is sustainable when the funding is complete?
    • Who in your organization is responsible for the project and what qualifications do they have?

The Grant Review Process

  • Be sure to submit your application by the appropriate deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.
  • Complete the application (copy and paste the form, or re-type the questions, if you prefer) and attach any supporting documentation. Email your completed application to 
  • Recommendations for grants are presented to the Board of Directors of the Sunset Community Foundation for approval.
  • You will be advised by email with an attached letter of the Board’s decision within 60 days of the application deadline. The letter will outline the terms and conditions of any grant.
  • You will be expected to file a final report on your project by the end of the year in which you received the grant.
Let us know how your project went
When we fund a project, we like to know what happened as a result. It helps us refine our granting process and lets us talk to our donors about the impact we are having in our community. It may also help us when we come to consider another grant application from your organization.

In your project evaluation, please answer the following questions:

  1. Was the project a success? How do you know?
  2. How many people were affected by the project? In what geographic areas?
  3. How was your grant expended?
  4. What plans do you have to sustain this activity?
  5. Why was the Foundation support helpful to your organization?

Please send photos, videos or other materials if available. 

Application Deadlines and Forms (to download):

South Huron Vitality Fund: April 1

Greater Grand Bend Community Fund: September 30