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Longtime Agriculturalist Adds to Family Fund ~ Bob Down

Local couple makes gift to Foundation

Like many people in Grand Bend, Margaret and Bernard Sabourin spent most of their lives elsewhere. They moved to Huron Woods from Toronto shortly after Bernard, an executive with Kraft Foods, retired in 1991. “I love the quiet,” says Margaret. “I love being close to the lake and feeling that we’re

Relouws give $100,000 to Foundation

A Grand Bend couple has generously donated $100,000 to the Grand Bend Community Fund. Tony and Fran Relouw have wanted to make this donation for a very long time. In handing over the cheque to chairman, Hank Krech, Tony, who heads up the foundation’s marketing and communications committee, said he believes

Tony Relouw Gives Back

Tony Relouw moved to Grand Bend with his family in 1956. Apart from a ten-year stint in nearby Exeter, he has been part of the community ever since. When Relouw was asked to be a founding member of the Foundation in 2000, he accepted readily. “I’m a true believer in the

Brian and Irene Hall have left a legacy to their community through life insurance

Brian and Irene Hall moved to Grand Bend 27 years ago. Brian opened his business, Navigator Financial Services, in 1982, and Irene joined him in 1989. Active in the community for many years, the couple recently made a gift of life insurance to the Grand Bend Community Foundation. Their gift is

Founding Chair Makes Significant Gift

Hank Krech has already done a lot for the Grand Bend community. Among many contributions, he played a major role in the 2001 Canada Games project, was a charter member of the Grand Bend Rotary Club, chaired the Rotary Nature Trail, helped launch the Huron United Way, and served as a

Hay Communications Makes a Forever Gift

It was in 1911 that a group of citizens, concerned that Bell Canada wasn’t rolling out service to rural areas fast enough, decided to create their own telephone system to serve the Grand Bend,  Zurich and Dashwood area. In 1995, the Hay Township Telephone Company, as it was called,  became

Hank and Nancy Winters chose Grand Bend for their retirement, and are doing everything they can to build the community

Both Hank and Nancy Winters travelled a winding road to get to Grand Bend. Hank was born in Montreal, but his early memories are of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. In the 1940s, it was still an active fishing village, and Hank remembers fondly the smells of salt cod and the sea.

Muma Bursary helps build futures

The M. J. Muma Bursary has become an annual award for selected graduating students of North Lambton Secondary School. To be considered for this award, students of NLSS must complete the Scholarship and Bursary Information form. The North Lambton Commencement Committee determines the qualified candidates, and selects the winner. The first M.

Leaving a lasting mark: Stephanie Donaldson creates a Family Fund at the Grand Bend Community Fund

“I’ve loved it all my life.” That’s Stephanie Donaldson talking about her adopted community of Grand Bend. Recently she established a Family Fund with the Sunset Community Fund to honour that special connection. Stephanie grew up in Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Her father and uncle bought land in Oakwood in the late 1930s.

Giving with Heart: Jim and Jacqui Southcott contribute to the Grand Bend Community Fund through life insurance.

Jim Southcott’s family has been part of Grand Bend for more than 100 years. Thanks to a recent gift to the Grand Bend Community Fund, it will continue to be part of the community for decades to come. Our community was named Grand Bend because the Ausable River once turned here