Annual Report May 2021

Annual Report to the Community

Facts and Figures
Total dollars raised for COVID Relief   $121,065
Total Dollars granted in 2020                $256,065
Local charities supported in 2020        35
Donors and Sponsors in 2020                115
Federal COVID funds granted                $70,000      
Endowment as of December 31             $3,129,541

Grants 2020

Impact: How our grants made a difference
The online tutoring project was of immense value to our students. This grant allowed us to hire occasional teachers the students knew, to coach them in math, one-on-one or in small groups. A  number of parents shared their gratitude as they saw their student’s confidence grow in a subject many did not feel comfortable supporting at home.  What a gift to know that we had help supporting our most needy students during a very trying time.” – Abby Armstrong, Principal Exeter Elementary School

At Grand Bend Place we want to serve the needs of our community. The Sunset Community Foundation recognized and supported our vision, and through their financial support, audio visual components in the Fellowship Hall are now in place for post-COVID times.” – Bob Illman, Chair, Grand Bend Place

 “Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen an increased demand for our services. By alleviating the stress of three months’ rent payment, the grant allowed our staff to allocate our time to where it is most needed. We also received a grant to purchase two new computers, along with a Zoom license. This enabled us to run our group program, Big Bunch, and to connect with our Bigs and families. Big Bunch has provided an activity for our families to do, when many of their other extra-curriculars have been cancelled, or they are unable to get together with family and friends.”– Amy Wilhelm, Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters South Huron

The Old Ausable Channel is a major factor in the natural environmental health of our community, and it needs our help to survive. To this end, we are using the Foundation’s grant to purchase aerators to increase the oxygen levels vital to aquatic life in the channel and installing native plans along the river to strengthn the bank, control erosion and provide shade.” – Duncan Croft, Southcott Pines Park Association

Whether through crisis call support, counselling through our healing program, play therapy, or a care package filled with needed items, the funding we have received from the Sunset Community Foundation enables our agency to continue to support the most vulnerable in our county.” -Krista Evely, Manager of Fund Development, Huron Women’s Shelter, Second Stage House and Counselling Services

The grant provided by The Foundation enabled us to offer the community an expanded program of guest speakers, and reach out to our members using Zoom, to maintain a sense of normalcy and stave off feelings of isolation. An added bonus has been the addition of several new members to the club!” -Richard Fanning, President, Port Franks and Area Camera Club

During COVID we were so blessed to be able to continue to do our part to help end food insecurity. One of the comments made to us by clients who had never had to access a food program like this before, was how they didnit feel judged or ashamed, they only felt love and support.” Andrea Loohuizen, Executive Director, The Community Table.
Through the grant we were able to provide members of our community with PPE Recovery Initiative boxes. The response has been amazing. We placed boxes in 20 locations around South Huron. We are so happy to have been able to introduce this program to so many locations throughout our community.”- Lucas Dobson, Eco-Exeter

Generosity: the people who made it happen
A huge thank-you to our 2020 donors and sponsors! Because you give, we can help, now and foreverWe have worked hard to include all those who donated or sponsored the Foundation between January and December 2020. If we have made an error, please accept our heartfelt apologies and let us know the correct information via phone or email.

Individual and Family Donors

Andrew Hern
Anthony Corke
Barb Smits
Bernie Kelders
Bill and Ginger Weber
Bill and Jean Ive
Bob and Kitty Illman
Bob Down
Brian and Irene Hall
Bruce Hough
Bruce Minielly
Cam and Randi Ivey
Carrie Anne VanOsch
Catherine Martin
Catherine Campbell
Charlene Masschelein
Charles Macdonald
Ann and David Bannister
Dave Finley
Dave Vanderwerf
David Hudgel
Deb Gill
Deborah McNaughton
Deloitte Canada
Dennis Shackel and Mary Lynn Fluter
Deryck Walden
Duncan Smith
Errol and Dawn Butler
Gail Ruddy
Garrett Pedlar
Geoff Smith
George Shaw
Glen and Janette Baillie
Heather and Tom Stewart
Jacqueline and Jim Southcott
Jacqueline Krech
Jacqui and Don Smith
Jane and Bruce Minielly
Jim and Beth Jean
John and Gayle Dehondt
Jolayne Sroka
Kathleen and John Hicks
Kyle MacDonald
Liz Mason
Lois Wallis
Lynda Holmes
Lynda Seyler
Lynn Tremain
Lynne Cram
Lynne Desjardine
Margaret and Jim Collez
Marie McGuire
Marilyn Coleman
Municipality of South Huron
Nan Brooks
Nancy Zettler
Pat Morden
Paul Ciufo
Paul James
Paul Shwetz
Penelope Apse
Penny Nelligan
Peter Janzen
Peter Phillips
Rhonda Manore
Robert and Sheila Beath
Robert Buckland
Robert E. Yohn
Robert Putherbough
Ronald O’Brien
Ross Bryson
Rowe Family
Ruth Hosford
Ruthanne Boogemans
Sandra and Roger Keay
Shirley Andraza
Smith Family Foundation
Stan Pachlarz
Steve Flear and Matilda Martens-Flear
Steven Brunelle
Tim and Marcia Sweet
Tom and Bev Prout
Vicki and Matt Holmes
Wallace Desjardine
Wendy Ryan
William D. Putherbough
William Haskett
William J. Dietrich

Corporate Sponsors

Bannerman Pharmacies Ltd.
Chris Regier Trucking Ltd.
Cordelio Power
Dave Moore Fuels
Doug Coleman Connection
Eilers Farms Inc.
Ekaton Wealth Management Inc.
Exacon Inc.
Finley Promotions Inc.
Gaiser Elliott Insurance Brokers
GC Financial Solutions Inc.
Grand Bend Gym
Grand Bend Rotary Club
Hay Mutual Insurance Company
Mike and Terri’s No Frills
Powers in the Bend Incorporated
Rice Development
Royal Bank of Canada
Sobeys Grand Bend
Smith Family Foundation
TD Canada Trust
Tridon Properties Ltd.,
Turnbull Pluming and Electric Inc.

Directors 2020-2021Deb Gill, Chair
Penny Nelligan, Past Chair
Tim Sweet, Treasurer
Jim Jean, Chair, Grants
Nan Brooks, Chair, Relationship Development
Charlene Masschelein
Chris Thompson
Doug Hurst
Pete Janzen
Stephanie Allen