Chair’s Blog May 2019, Grand Women Gather

On April 26, Grand Women held its inaugural meeting at the Concert Hall in Grand Bend, with more than 60 people in attendance.
    It all started in late September when the Grand Bend Community Foundation launched the 50 Grand Women Fund.  The concept was simple: 50 women donate $1000 each, creating a permanent fund of $50,000. The money is invested and the income from the fund is used to support eligible charities in the region. The members get to decide what cause they support.
By early April, the minimum of 50 members had been reached, with more women expressing an interest in membership. At the meeting, the group decided to keep membership open, welcoming other women who shared their commitment to community.
    “There was incredible energy in the room,” says Penny Nelligan, Chair. “You could tell that people were there because they want to make a difference in our communities. I was especially heartened by the decision to open membership to any woman who wants to get involved.”
    Past Chair Judy McDonald agrees, adding, “This is a group of strong and committed women – I know we’re going to do great things together!”