Grand Bend Community Foundation Newsletter

Dear friend,
Jamie is 11. He lives with his mother Beth and goes to a group program offered by Big Brothers Big Sisters South Huron. The activities are simple – pizza making, crafts, board games, outdoor adventures, and once a year, a bus trip to Toronto — but the impact is huge. Says Jamie’s mother, “A positive attitude is quite often difficult for my son, but not so with Big Bunch. This is a place where he feels accepted and has built a positive circle. He has had many more successful days these past few months thanks to this fantastic opportunity.”

Big Bunch at Big Brothers Big Sisters is one of many projects supported by the Grand Bend Community Foundation (and it’s one of my personal favorites!). But there are so many more.
The Foundation makes grants to local groups and organizations from the income earned on our permanently invested funds. Over the past 18 years, we’ve granted more than $1.5 million to organizations involved in education, recreation, the environment, sport, the arts, and social issues. Your gifts have helped make it happen.

Our work is important. I’m attaching a copy of our recent Vital Signs report, which highlights some of the challenges facing our communities. Please take a moment to review it and share your thoughts with us. Working together, we can make our communities stronger, more sustainable and more just. The funds donated to the Foundation stay in our region, supporting innovative projects that have real impact.

There are many ways you can support the Grand Bend Community Foundation. This year, I hope you’ll consider making a gift of cash or securities. Or you may prefer to give through life insurance or a bequest. You will receive an official tax receipt for all gifts. (More information is available on our website.)

Whatever you decide, you will be touching families who have trouble making ends meet, people living with disease and disability, seniors who are isolated and alone, and many others. You will be helping to conserve our beautiful natural environment. You will be enriching our community through recreation, education, and the arts. You will be helping Jamie see the world as a safer and friendlier place.
You will be making a difference, for good, forever.
Yours truly,
Penny Nelligan, Chair