Million $ Grant Celebration

Grand Bend Community Foundation Celebrates Reaching One Million Dollars in Grants In 2014


Photo.: L-R Hank Winters (Chair), Cam Ivey (Founder), Jacqui  Krech (Representing Hanks Krech Past Chair), Dave Bannister,  Past Chair), Tom Prout, (Past Chair), Shirley Andraza, (Founder  and current director) Bill Weber (Mayor Lambton Shores),  Missing Pat Morden (Past Chair)

In the 12 years since it was founded, the Grand Bend Community    Foundation has contributed nearly $1 million dollars in grants to   groups and organizations in the Grand Bend area. During the    2014 grant cycle, the Foundation will reach the $1 million mark.

The Grand Bend Community Foundation made its first grants in    2002. Five different grants supported charities focused on  healthcare, youth recreation, and community capacity building.  Direct grants from the Foundation that year totaled $30,000.

Since then more than 110 grants have been made by the  Foundation totaling over 991,000 dollars. “This fall we expect to  grant approximately $70,000 dollars, moving us over the one  million dollar mark,” says David Campbell, Executive Director of the Foundation. Generous contributions from donors have increased the Foundation’s ability to make “signature” grants – the largest individual grants.

In 2011 the Huron Country Playhouse received $35,000 for renovations and seating.

In 2009 the Grand Bend Community Health Centre received $25,000.

Other large grants have blanketed the community, supporting development of children’s recreation facilities, the Grand Bend School, the Legion, and South Huron Hospital. SaysChair Tom Prout, “Every day residents in greater Grand Bend area are touched in some way by a grant made by the Foundation.”

Over its 12 years of service, the Grand Bend Community Foundation has accepted hundreds of gifts from donors in the community. “We have some very loyal donors who have shown community leadership by making significant donations to The Grand Bend Community Foundation,” says Prout. “Thanks to their contributions and the strong financial management of our Board, the invested funds now total more than $2.3 million dollars. Earnings from this investment will continue to support to local charity projects for many years to come.” In a typical year, the Grand Bend Community Foundation grants to more than 10 local charities. Campbell says the Foundation expects to grant at least another one million dollars over the next 10 years.