Online Grant Application

We now encourage all of our Grant applicants to use our electronic form for applying for Grants.

This is not intended to be any type of  barrier to our grant applicants. If you need help please contact us.

If you need to work with a paper-based form, we will send you a printable version of our application that can be filled in manually. (you can also print a copy yourself from this page)

The deadline for applications is September 30 at 5 pm.
A few things you should know about the form.

Users to date have found that the form is generally easy to work with and using the following approach works well. The form doesn’t enable you to save your work online and return to it, so it’s important to prepare the content and then complete the form.

1. Print a copy of the form, so you know everything that is expected.

If you are not a registered charity you need a charitable partner in order to qualify for a grant. 
Sample Partner Agreement.   (signatures required by Partner & applicant)

2. Prepare your answers to each question on your own computer.

3. Fill in the form, cutting and pasting the answers you have prepared into the form’s

4. The File attachment system at the end of the application allows you attach multiple types of files from your computer. This function works by opening a window on your system where you can select a file, (then select open or save), Repeat if you have multiple files. If you have trouble with attachments please send them via Email.

5. Finally, don’t forget to hit the submit button at the end.

A successful Submission will send an email response to the address you entered and send you a copy of the data..

If you need help with terms or have questions, please give us a call and we will be glad to assist you.

When you are ready to go,  here’s the form to apply to the Grand Bend Community Fund: .

And here’s the link to the full page grant application form for projects in the South Huron area.