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The Sunset Community exists to support local charities and community organizations with great ideas for improving our community. We are committed to trust-based granting as a way to ensure an equitable and inclusive distribution of funds. Trust-based granting recognizes that we work in partnership with our grant applicants, grantees, and other stakeholders to deliver maximum impact in our communities.

We offer grants in the following areas of interest:

Grant are available to qualified donees (as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency).  Not sure if your organization is eligible? Ask us! We provide leadership in the community by helping organizations shape and fund innovative projects that enrich all our lives.

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Application Form

Grant Guidelines

Our Grants Program focuses on building community capacity in our region. We look for creative projects that build on existing strengths and competencies and address community needs. Organizations seeking funding must demonstrate fiscal responsibility, good management, and commitment to our region.

Multi- year funding is possible and such grants are subject to periodic review.

Application Deadlines:

Application Form

Tips for Completing the Application

Partner Agreement Form

The Grant Review Process

Application Form

Let us know how your project went

When we fund a project, we like to know what happened as a result. It helps us refine our granting process and lets us talk to our donors about the impact we are having in our community. It may also help us when we come to consider another grant application from your organization.

In your project evaluation, please answer the following questions:

  1. Was the project a success? How do you know?
  2. How many people were affected by the project? In what geographic areas?
  3. How was your grant expended?
  4. What plans do you have to sustain this activity?
  5. Why was the Foundation support helpful to your organization?

Please send photos, videos or other materials if available. 

Project Evaluation From